Style Tips / Wardrobe key pieces

Everyone should have a core of clothes they can wear any time with anything. Even Kate Moss does if you believe this book! I tried to compile a list of key pieces we should all have. Of course, it is biased by my own taste, but I tried to remain objective.

❤ Boy tee-shirt ❤

Pick a plain coloured one. I like the American Apparel deep v-neck as round neck tees just don’t suit me. I generally try to choose mine in gray, black, white or a primary colour. Boys tee-shirts are great to toughen up a girly dress or create a colour block look when paired with a high waisted skirt or trousers.

❤ Blazer ❤

New Skirt

The black blazer bring instant cool to any outfit. Wear it with jeans and you feel like Jane Birkin or Lou Doillon (to keep it in the family). Wear it with a vintage dress and suddenly, the dress gets an edge.

❤ Cardigan ❤

The wool cardigan is your best friend. More flattering & versatile than a normal jumper, it is easy to put on & take off and makes for easy layering. I prefer mine to be cashmere – and it is so easy to find cheap cashmere jumpers in vintage or thrift shops!

❤ Killer heels & pretty flats ❤

Photos – Pyza /Facehunter /The Sartorialist

Good shoes last forever, so it is always worth investing in a great pair of flats & a great pair of heels. Throughout the years, I collected a gazillion pairs of shoes that I still wear. If you wear a pretty casual outfit composed of say, jeans & tee-shirt, the right pair of shoes can still turn you into a bombshell.

❤ Statement Tights ❤

Photos – The Snail & The Cyclops /All This Happiness / Doe Deere

Statement tights are the easy option to add pizazz to an outfit when you are afraid you wouldn’t pull off a whole outfit. For exemple, this year, tartan is really big but if you are over 20, a whole tartan look might be pushing it, so embracing tartan details is the solution (tartan tights, skirt, scarf, headband, whatever). Lace is the same. Lace tights will give an instant goth twist to an otherwise normal outfit.
❤ Princess coat ❤

Photos – Loou /Mademoiselle Robot / Hel Looks

Once in your life, you deserve to feel like a princess. So far, apart from long dresses with crinolines and bows all over, the only piece of clothing that ever managed to make me feel like a princess is a coat. A nice ample coat you can wrap around you in the winter.
❤ Little Black Dress ❤

Photos – Skylark & Son / Glam Canyon / Gala Darling

The LBD is the ultimate wardrobe staple that anyone, regardless of their style should own. It is a style chameleon, if you see above, all three girls have totally different styles and make it work amazingly. The LBD can be super simple or super intricate, it doesn’t matter because it is BLACK, and goes anywhere, with anything. Slip it on & feel the instant glamour.

❤ Wide belt ❤

Photos – Garance Dore / Facehunter / Altamira NYC

My belts saved many outfits. They help giving shape & structure to men’s shirts and tees. They emphasize the waist on an already waisted skirt. They add detailing to a dress. I prefer my belts very girly in patent leather or with bows or vintage and masculine.

❤ Skinny jeans ❤

Photos – GadeMode / Savvy London / The Style Scout

I know the bootcut & wide jeans & boyfriend jeans are coming back, but there’s nothing like a pair of skinny jeans to make an outfit work from day to night.

If you own only one of each items on this list, you shouldn’t even need to own anything else. This is the magic of wardrobe staples. They work all by themselves, no need for extras…

As for me, I am off standing in front of my closet crying because I am being interviewed and photographed and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!!