My head’s fashion week 2008

Le club du style gave me a mission on Monday. I have to list my fashion inspirations. It is an interesting mission, because even though I do have a few style icons, it made me realize that there aren’t many people who inspire me. I realized that I mostly get inspiration by looking at the state of my wardrobe and accessories drawer and playing mix and match. To me moods and emotions are as important if not more than current trends and inspirations. Choosing a day’s outfit is almost like picking the costumes for a specific scene in a film. Sometimes, I want to be a Stepford Wife, pushing Mila around in her pram while imagining myself in suburban America in the 1950s, the next day maybe I’ll want to be a computer wiz kid with an argyle jumper and big glasses. If I pick my clothes right, it makes my life feel like a dream, a film or a book. They allow me to “get into character” and forget that all around me in the street, people are depressed, alienated, prisoners in their own lives and so beige. I am most certainly not the best dressed person, I don’t pretend to be fashionable or kid myself about having the most amazing outfits. I am just happy to have found this one way of escaping daily life. I am happy that only I know the meaning of each outfit, and only I am allowed to travel to parallel worlds while wearing it. My style inspirations come from the world inside my head.
Keep checking Le Club du Style for a less crazy explanation of my style!