La vie en rose

Last night I watched La Vie en Rose, Dahan’s biopic about Edith Piaf. I knew she had a terrible life, but not that terrible! How many horrendous things can one person cope with in a lifetime? She “had” it all… Crazy mother who abandons her to be a singer – and fails – , father who leaves her with her grandma who happens to be a Madame, a bit of temporary blindness at 4, the death of many loved ones, including her first and only child, her soul mate dying in a plane crash with this extra added bonus of her own diseased body. Despite all this, she soldiered on and lived her life on stage and for the stage. Well done. I wish I was that brave.
I should really be writing about the clothes in this movie though, as I absolutely didn’t expect them to be interesting at all, yet they were. Many very good 1930s to 1950s outfits, in a very simple way.
My favorite being her sailor outfit to celebrate NYE 1936 (below)

And a bit of the real Piaf…


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