Casa Perfect 3.0

You may remember me trying to sneakily steal the keys to Casa Perfect L.A. three years ago when the perfect design U.F.O. landed in my city. Well, since then they moved not once, but twice.

Casa Perfect 2.0 was Elvis’ old Los Angeles home, I may have to dig out some photos for you… This new one is a 70s dream land, complete with coral wall to wall carpeting, linen wallpaper and beige brick accent walls. With my interiors hat on, I got to do some actual shopping at Casa Perfect for some clients and it was a fabulous out of body experience.

I won’t go into too much detail right now as I have to drink my morning smoothie and head to NOEIN HQ, but I leave you with some photos of yet another Los Angeles dream house, filled with insane design pieces. Enjoy!

A big thank you to my friend Allan from Bungalow5dk for capturing me in my natural habitat.