Carrie Lau, Object Matter Ceramics

Tell me a bit about your background and how you became a graphic designer…

I was born and raised in Hong Kong.I was working at a fashion magazine there and found that graphic design interested me a lot. I decided to come to LA to take a specific design programme and since then I have been working here as a graphic designer and art director.

How does working + living in Los Angeles compare to working + living in HK?

The first thing that comes to mind is the size of the city, which make the lifestyle in each city very different. Life and work environments are pretty fast-paced in Hong Kong. Everything pretty much changes all the time. There are many work opportunities over there and it’s easy to get into different industries. I was working for a fashion magazine back in HK. It is where I fell in love with art direction and where I started my creative career. Living in LA is pretty chill… I am getting used to having more personal space and I also noticed I slowed down a lot since I’ve been living in LA.

Did you find it hard to settle in LA? What drew you to the city?

It was hard in the beginning. The city pretty spread out and it can be difficult to find “your area” when you aren’t familiar with the geography of the place. When I started making friends and hanging out in more places, I quickly realised how lovely the city was!

Who are some of your favorite creatives in LA?

There are so many… But here are a few to get you started: Ben Medansky, Slowdown Studio, Forestkind, Geronimo Balloons.

What made you decide to get into ceramics?

It is one of the things I really like doing… I also feel calm and relaxed when I am in the studio. It kind of is my meditative tool.

Was it difficult to learn? Are you generally good at learning new art practices?

It requires a lot of practice! I watch a lot of demonstrations and videos to see how other people throw and then get my hands to work… Sometimes it is frustrating if I lose focus. There are good and bad days.
I am open to learning thing and love all experiences. I find any creative process interesting and it motivates me to keep practicing and learning.

Could you describe your process, from concept to creation?

I get inspired by my surroundings, landscapes, nature and people. I love studying colors and shape too. Those give me a lot of room to play around and see the possibilities. I sketch and draw here and there. When it comes to making ceramics, it may or may not turn out as expected: there is always an element of surprise, which I love.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on pieces for the holidays as well as some collaborations. It is a peak time in the season. Also, I am going to West Coast Craft in San Francisco this month and a couple more local markets and events until the end of the year.

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