Toast AW17

Toast have released their AW17 lookbooks – yep, they get a plural as they release capsule lookbooks regularly throughout the season – and as usual, I am smitten.

I received an email from their PR department announcing the latest releases and immediately started lamenting the fact I couldn’t get my hands on Toast here. In London, I used to live a whole 5mn walk away from their gorgeous Westbourne Grove store… Well, as it turns out, Toast ships to the US… Cue the sound of my already fairly depleted bank account depleting further.

So sue me… I spent inordinate amounts of money in their stores in my London days… But man does my nightwear collection look good! It is basically a jammies festival over here. And need I mention their knitwear? Well, not for me obviously. As I write this, it is 40C outside and I haven’t left my house since yesterday as we are having a murderous heatwave. But you know, at some point mid-january there might be a couple of days when I can wear a jumper and not melt. But you, my dear readers in the U.K. and anywhere else in the world where Toast ships can enjoy their luscious knits. And the cashmere loungewear, and the velvet dresses. Aaaah.

I am not allowing myself to shop at the moment as I am still purging my wardrobe, but I did a bit of fantasy shopping and made an edit of my favourites for you below.

Chunky Fisherman Rib Sweater | Silk Velvet V-Neck Dress | Suri Alpaca Sweater | Cord Cropped Trouser | Japanese Indigo Trouser | Washed Wool Throw| Kasper Wurtz Rimmed Plates| Linen Tee Dress