Scandinavian Style at Home

Scandinavian Style at Home

So you know the thing that happens when a friend goes and does something really awesome that gets you feeling all sorts of feelings? Well my former press trip partner in crime, fellow blogger and long time friend Allan Torp (who you probably know as just had his first book published by Thames & Hudson and it is brilliant! The funniest thing about this is that I remember the day he first announced he had the deal… I had just moved to Los Angeles, he was in town and we went to Palm Springs for a weekend. That was a whole year ago and seemed like such an abstract concept at the time.

But then, he came on another trip earlier this year and he was actually writing the thing. Like sitting in Topanga emitting words from his fingertips like some sort of word wizard. I’ve been there too – it really does feel like fingers are raining words onto the keyboard. It is kinda weird and lovely at the same time.

Well guys… A couple of weeks ago, a pretty package landed on my doorstep and inside was Allan’s first book, Scandinavian Style at Home. I waited eagerly for the weekend to come so I could sit and munch on it with no interruptions and I wasn’t disappointed. You know by now I am a bit of a Scandi lover. Perhaps I lived there in a past life. Scandinavian design fascinates me. I know quite a lot about it, but it was interesting to read a more in depth analysis of the concepts behind some of my favourite pieces as well as the whole genesis of this design phenomenon. This is definitely one for the design lovers, but also a great source of inspiration and knowledge for those who want to understand why Scandi design has become so ubiquitous.

As for me… well, I feel incredibly proud of a dear friend and wish every single one of you would buy a copy. Get it for yourself, a friend, your parents, get a copy for the office too!

You can pre-order it right now from amazon!