High Noon


It’s been a while… I suppose I could come back saying I was gone to try and perfect the art of slow blogging but I think by now you know I am pretty much a master of that craft. In reality, I disappeared from the blog for a while because I was working really hard on developing my photography site, making new work and prepping for my second show in Los Angeles, which happened a couple of weeks ago now. It’s quite interesting to “start” something new now, especially while knowing I am starting something new. When I started the blog 10 years ago, I didn’t make a conscious decision that it would one day become a “career”, so in a way there was less pressure to succeed. Now with photography I am having to be a little more strategic, to make plans and think ahead. Which is almost 100% against my nature: I am not a big planner. I am taking advice, trying to project myself, learning to introduce myself as a photographer and artist and most importantly I am going out and making new work.

I thought I would show you some of my latest work! This new series is ongoing and called “High Noon”. These are all portraits of very mundane things that happen during my daily walk. With this series I was looking to showcase the inherent beauty in all the things that surround us, while disconnecting them from their usual context. Let me know which ones are your favourites… I also now have a print shop so if anything catches your fancy, feel free to use the code FRIENDSOFROBOT at checkout for 25% off your order (there are a few limited edition prints on there, but I also take custom orders, just email me about it!).