Herbivore Botanicals

For a while now I have been trying to switch to natural skincare whenever possible – but now that I live in the States, with less regulations on the types of chemicals ingredients in beauty products, it has become a necessity. There are many smaller brands out there catering to sensitive folks like me, Herbivore Botanicals is one of them. If you are a regular at Urban Outfitters (or avid Instagram user), you will already be familiar with their pleasing packaging design. Perhaps you’ve even bought their Rose Hibiscus Face Mist or one of their divine Hair Perfumes (Jasmine is my favourite).

My first foray into the brand was the Rose Face Mist, followed by a Sea Mist, a soap and recently I graduated fully to the skincare range. I now diligently use the Orchid Facial Oil in the morning, and I combine it with Moon Fruit in the evening. Once a week, I use their Brighten mask too. I was getting a little worried about the state of my skin after a full year of constant sun exposure, but after about a month of my new Herbivore Botanicals routine, my skin looks and feels so much better. It gives me *that* glow I used to try and create with makeup. Now all I need is a bit of mascara, some concealer and I am good to go.

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