Seasons Kitchen Counter, Carlsbad

If I had to sum up my hobbies for you, I think it would be something like “photography, doodling, eating, eating, eating, researching restaurants, eating, talking to my pets“. I realise perhaps we won’t be hanging out anytime soon, but if you were looking for an eating partner, I’d be your gal.

The “eating my way through California” theme is still going strong and so today I bring you Seasons Kitchen Counter, a very special dining experience curated for a maximum of 6 guests every meal by chefs Ball and Chavez and their team. You get to sit at a chic marble counter in the open kitchen and watch as the culinary team prepare innovative seasonal menus. It is farm-to-table cuisine at its very best.

Bookings: +1 (760) 603-3700 or via the Four Seasons App

Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of Seasons