Casa Perfect, Los Angeles

My love affair with Los Angeles isn’t a secret to anyone, but I don’t think I ever talked about the things that attracted me to this city even before I first visited… The sunshine and perma-Summer is obviously one of them, but I also loved the architecture of this insane sprawling metropolis. California through the years has attracted many, Los Angeles captures dreamers. This is how homes like the Stahl House ended up being built by Peter Koenig in 1960 (and more generally I suppose how the Case Study programme came to life).

Architecture is intricately woven into everyday life here – first because every house is different. You don’t move somewhere only based on affordability and functionality, you also pick your period and a style within each period. Craftsman, mock Tudor, modernist, tree house, beach hut, mid-century multi-family… Or in the case of The Future Perfect, a 1957 modern house designed by David Hyun: Casa Perfect.

When he decided to extend his retail empire to Los Angeles, David Alhadeff elected to open in a private residence, in keeping with Los Angeles obsession for destination oriented lifestyle retail. The house is 3000 sqft (4bed) of absolute design perfection.

“I have long had a love affair with LA, and have been waiting for the right opportunity to open in this exciting city,” says David Alhadeff. “When I found the house in the hills, I knew that we could create something beyond retail, and give our clients an experience unique to The Future Perfect, but distinctly LA.”

There you will find a selection of exclusive new work and collaborations including Commune x Lisa Eisner, Commune x Adam Pogue, Commune for Hamburg House, Christian Woo and Eric Roinestad. You can also find notable work from The Future Perfect’s usual talents such as Lindsey Adelman, De La Espada, Michael Anastasiades, Bec Brittain, Calico Wallpaper, Piet Hein Eek, Dimore Studio, Pinch, Roll & Hill, Kasthall Carpets, Lex Pott, Christopher Stuart and more.

Open by appointment only – book yours now!
Phone: (323) 202-2025