Salazar, Los Angeles


One of my greatest joys in life is to discover a city little by little. With a place as big as Los Angeles, the task can sometimes be a little daunting, so I just do it step by step. I’ve come up with a great exploration method: select a few different eateries in each area and basically eat my way through town. Hopefully by the end of my first year here, I will be fully acquainted with various areas and also perhaps morbidly obese. I live in Silverlake now which is essentially an endless succession of restaurants so I have my hands (and mouth) pretty full without having to leave my backyard. I recently took a short drive to Frogtown, the little area tucked between the LA River and the I-5 in order to check out Salazar, followed by a walk around the neighbourhood.

The first thing you need to do before you go on reading this post – especially if you were born before 1982 and started your internet life in the mid-90s – is to pay a visit to Salazar’s website. If you were born later, this is what the internet used to look like. Just so you know, I chose to write the rest of this post with Salazar’s tab still open, so I can fully enjoy the midi version of Haddaway’s What is Love? – it is also a great test to my sanity and I recommend you also leave the tab open as you read this post. I am actually thinking of perhaps changing the title to “What is brunch?“.

I had heard about Salazar multiple times from different friends in LA. I read about it in all the right places and knew it was a 5mn drive away from my house, yet it took me over 4 months to get there. The first time I went was for cocktails. I was looking for somewhere local and dog friendly. After a bit of research, Salazar imposed itself as the perfect place to go sample some Aguas Frescas Cócteles with the pup. After a thoroughly satisfying dinner of tacos and seafood tostada, I decided to go back another day and try their brunch menu.

Brunch verdict: excellent. The large, cactus filled patio is the perfect setting for a long, lazy brunch. The shrimp quesadilla begs to be eaten slowly and almost ceremoniously.



2490 Fletcher Dr
Los Angeles
CA 90039

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