In With The New – Think Pink!


Hello from the other side! Since the last time I wrote about the art of home dyeing, I finally moved into my permanent Los Angeles address and started decorating… Which is pretty exciting if you ask me, especially as I’d been preparing this move by pinning like a mad woman for about six months. Don’t judge me, I am sure you would do too! It was very therapeutic as well so I thoroughly recommend it.

The first room I started decorating was Mini’s room. In fact, even when we were still at the “mattress on the floor” stage, I had already established a colour scheme for her place. When I say “I”, really I mean “Mini and me” as she was an integral part of the decorating process. Moving with a child, I wanted her to feel settled as soon as possible and this is going to be her first proper big girl room and the first time she gets to have a proper input in the decorating process. The colour scheme we picked is turquoise and pink, so we also kept that in mind when picking our Dylon Machine Dye colours (Bahama Blue and Powder Pink).

Right now we are in the early stages of decorating and when I took those photos, we were also still at the mattress on the floor stage but the colour scheme was already established, as you can see. I picked some simple white bedding for her rather than the usual crazy prints she used to have in London because we decided we would dye some pillowcases with in Powder Pink to create a super subtle colour accent in her bed. We also opted to dye her curtains Powder Pink in the same wash as it gives the room a nicer glow. The sun hits her window pretty hard and the light through the white curtains was a little harsh. Pink makes the entire room look that much warmer.

As a little side project, we dyed her boring cream coloured rug a cool Bahama Blue, she now has the coolest room in town! The great thing with these home dye experiments is that they are so easy: all you have to do is add the dye to the drum of your washing machine, pop the fabric in for a 40C cycle, then run another 40C cycle (with laundry powder) and presto! You have brand new items! Don’t forget to run the machine empty to clear any remaining dye once you are done. I chose to keep the colour super pale, but if you want a stronger colour, it can be achieved by using more dye in relation to the amount of fabric. Easy, right?

DSC03694 DSC03723 DSC03719 DSC03885 DSC03884 DSC03883