A Rewarding Shopping Spree

Do you know what’s better than shopping? Getting presents to reward you for being such a proficient shopper! If you live anywhere near a department store, you probably are familiar with loyalty card programmes already, whereby you shop and get rewarded with money off vouchers here and there. That’s pretty nice, but not really an incentive to shop. At least not for me. Somehow the idea of receiving a £5 voucher in the post here and there doesn’t excite me much, which is why I don’t use my loyalty cards anymore.

Then something happened: back in June, I found myself on Sloane street running errands (I was looking for a pair of Chanel shoes I’d been coveting a while) when I walked past Harvey Nichols and saw them advertising their brand new Rewards by Harvey Nichols mobile app. I think it was the last day of a promotion they were running for members of the Rewards scheme and so, since I was already in shopping mode, I promptly downloaded the app, filled in my details and went for a browse. Since the Chanel shoes of my dreams weren’t available in the Chanel store, I headed straight for HN’s shoe section and tried on all the sandals I could find, including my now favourite Proenza Schouler pair (which came home with me, sorry Chanel). Feeling rather pleased with myself with my sale purchase + added Rewards member discount, I also had a browse in the Beauty Hall to see if there was anything interesting going on. I was recently converted to Tom Ford beauty products and fragrances so I wanted to check that out as Harvey Nichols is one of their stockists in the UK. I will tell you more about Tom Ford beauty in an upcoming post, but let me just say I treated myself.

Why am I telling you all this? It isn’t just because I was pleased with my sale purchase or my beauty haul. It is because the shopping I did on that day earned me some pretty sweet treats courtesy of Harvey Nichols, as a member of their Rewards scheme. All that because I downloaded the free app (you can download it too on Apple or Android devices). With the Rewards app, you get 1pt per pound spent – and during double points promotions, you get, well 2pts per pound spent. My “day of indulgence” coincided with a double points promotion (which is going on until July 31st) so I earned a total of around 1500 points (don’t judge me) which will get me a luxury mani-pedi and I will show off my new sandals with freshly painted toes. Sweet!

In true Harvey Nichols fashion, the store has released a fun video to celebrate the new Rewards app, and I urge you to watch it as it will definitely put a smile on your face.

This is a collaboration with Harvey Nichols