Le Plaza Athénée, Paris (Take 2)

Returning home from Los Angeles is always a bit of a battle. I landed yesterday afternoon, after a rather delightful holiday with my friend. My week in California followed a week in Paris where I was visiting friends and family, so being back in London is more than a little odd after two weeks away in different places. I am not complaining, of course – I am not sure when I will get tired of travelling so much! I mean yeah, I am tired, but I love it. Anyway – this is about a different trip to Paris, back in September: 48 hours of pure Dorchester Collection joy at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée. This time, we were there to sample the new menu at Alain Ducasse and discover new additions to the hotel (14 extra rooms and a newly refurbished Galerie and Brasserie). 
Since I am in DC-land, I thought I would also let you know about their Taste of Dorchester Collection menu, which is a brilliant in-room dining initiative, compiling all the signature dishes from the Dorchester Collection hotels around the world into one menu… So whether you are a fan of the Beverly Hills Hotel’s McCarthy Salad or if you prefer the Lobster Club from Le Meurice, you are now able to have them brought to your room in any of the Dorchester Collection hotels. Now I just wish they extended the offer to my own house, as I am getting hungry just looking at the pics! 

La Cour Jardin as seen from downstairs… and from my room
Bread & Butter pudding from The Dorchester
At Alain Ducasse Restaurant
Lobster Club from Le Meurice
McCarthy Salad from Beverly Hills Hotel

Mixing a traditional luxurious Parisian background with modern decor in the newly refurbished bar. Here the menu lives on a QR code or on an iPad.

For those times you need a grand piano in your room.
Look out a little more and you will be greeted by the Eiffel Tower… However, I feel that she’s already had enough air time on the blog lately. This still needs to be all about me, right??

Ever wonder how Parisians have afternoon tea? Well, just like the pics above. Je confirme: les parisiennes have more fun.
Ending on a good note: nothing beats a Plaza breakfast!
Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris