Sunday was Surf Day in Malibu, on Zuma Beach. Our instructor was Tom, who runs the Quiksilver Surfing Camp. Being a massive chicken with a wave phobia, I didn’t take part in the lesson but my travel buddies are now *this* close to get sponsorships and to live a life of sun, salt and surfer boys – especially Cozette, who now goes by the name “Silver Surfer”.
I was wearing the Gypsy Tour Sun Bleach shorts which are basically the most comfortable denim shorts I’ve ever owned. They are perfectly worn in and stretch exactly where they need to (around the legs but not at the waist). I’ve only had them for a couple of days but I am smitten. I was given a few other pieces that I will show you in due time and I must say they all have the same appeal.
The top is from Squaresville in Los Feliz. I bought it during my trip. You will soon see all my LA loot as well!
Shorts c/o Quiksilver, Vintage top, Swedish Hasbeens, asos cardigan & sunnies.

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