Lockdown distractions #1: Tijuana Teens

We are all stuck at home, brains like potatoes, alternating between loungewear and pyjama, grief and acceptance and staring at our knees for abnormal amount of time. At least this is how I feel on most days. Sometimes I go through this entire cycle a few times a day. I am reaching the end of my fourth week sheltering in place. Some of you will have been doing this for longer, some are just beginning their dystopian journey.

Around the middle of week two, something unlocked in me and I was able to find stillness for long enough to start producing work again. Now I get about four hours a day when I can write, think and be a little productive. So I figured I would use some of that time to share some things on here that have been inspiring, have made me smile or have made my life a little more comfortable through this.

For my first post, I would like to re-introduce you to my friend Maurice – you might remember seeing his photo diaries on here a few years back. He is now working on a photo documentary project called Tijuana Teens. Through it he sheds light on the unique life of teens living in a border town, experimenting with dual cultures and forging an identity. His work is a mix of candid party shots and styled shoots taking inspiration from his own teenage years spent between Los Angeles and Tijuana.

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