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Print Shop Now Open!

Good news guys, I am finally done ignoring my to-do list, which means I finally tackled the print shop section of my portfolio site, and so far I’m feeling pretty good about it. I am almost 75% sure I did it right so you should be able to go get yourselves some pretties for your walls, but if you try and find out it doesn’t work, do ping me an email and I will help you.

I figured I’d put prints up in series and so I started with my latest one, titled “Into the Desert”. There are 6 pieces in total, all in limited runs of 50 in two different sizes: 8×12 and 24×36, printed on chrome metallic paper.


The 8×12 prints are priced at $20 and the 24 x 36 are $175, including shipping.


The 8×12 prints will be priced at $29 ¬†and the 24 x 36 will be $249, including shipping.

I ship internationally.

Go have a look and let me know what you think… And if there is a photo you love that’s not in the print shop, contact me for custom orders.

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