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Oh-Em-Gee, you guys! My first zine landed on my door step this morning (well actually it was a few mornings ago, but I like “this morning” for emphasis)… It wasn’t my first time using Blurb as I made books using their tools before, but it was my very first time using their magazine format and I was pretty excited to receive my finished product. As soon as I was done designing it in BookWright, I uploaded my design onto the website (with its ebook counterpart) and ordered a copy for myself to see the fruits of my labour.

In the meantime, I set up my bookstore to get it all ready for potential zine enthusiasts and was pleasantly surprised to see a few sales almost instantly after I put it up. Making this zine was a bit of a challenge I gave myself and I am really happy with the results.When working mostly in the digital realm, it is nice to have a physical object for once. Something I can take with me to meetings alongside my portfolio to show clients, something I have I can leave behind. I also like the idea that some of you might end up ordering a copy for a friend, or to keep to yourselves. And I like that once it sits in the Blurb bookstore, it suddenly reaches so much further than this blog’s community. Right now, someone in Australia might be leafing through this zine, maybe daydreaming about California.

Back to the zine itself – it is printed on premium magazine paper which essentially feels as glossy and luxurious as a coffee table book, it is 28 pages, A4 size and the printing quality is excellent for both words and photos. I think the paper feels even better than it did on the swatch kit! It arrived super fast, packaged really neatly, which is important to me as well since I chose to have my work on Blurb, I want to know that people who choose to purchase my work have the best customer experience possible, almost as if I was sending it to them myself.

What would you choose to put out there if you were going to publish some of your work? Have you ever published something using Blurb? If so I would love to see – leave a comment below and tell me!

Fancy treating yourself to a copy? You can order “Local Knowledge” now!

Local Knowledge
Local Knowledge
Local Knowledge
By Laetitia Wajnapel
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This post is sponsored by Blurb as part of a creative collaboration