Hannah Kristina Metz FW17



When I heard that one of my favourite designers and long time internet friend Hannah Kristina Metz‘s new collection was inspired by Anne of Green Gables, I totally freaked out. All I could think was: puffed sleeves!

Anne of Green Gables is a 1908 novel written by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery known as L.M Montgomery charting the tales of 11 year old red headed Anne Shirley, an orphan who was accidentally sent to the home of Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. They lived at ‘Green Gables’ on Prince Edward Island and the stories, which pan out until Anne is grown up – chart the tales of how she found her way into the hearts of the whole town.

I’m tearing up just thinking about it, because Anne is quite something and it’s completely impossible not to fall in love with her wild imagination and oversized heart. Last year whilst going through a huge life change, my sister started reading me the books over voice notes and it’s now not only one of my favourite stories but also the perfect comfort blanket.

Anyway back to the collection. Hannah is a womenswear designer based out of NYC who bases her collections on her favourite stories. First there was Tristan and Isolde, Wuthering Heights and A Room with a View. Now Anne. The HKM collection is produced with sustainability in mind and is currently a one super-woman show.

Having admired Hannah’s personal style for years, I have to imagine that she designs her pieces as a desired wardrobe for herself. With an emphasis on quirky artistic details, a dreamy colour palette and easy to nab accessories I have always found something in each HKM collection that was my ‘dream piece’.

The AOGG collection features a palette of oranges, greens, raspberry and blush and the styles are modern takes on the characters’ styles. It was always Anne’s dream to wear puffed sleeves, so I was thrilled to see that they are a huge feature in the line. I adore the nods to the storyline: the Lion embroidery (in reference to the flag of Prince Edward Island) and the friendship tees (inspired by Anne and her bosom friend Diana).  The Marilla Blouse and matching Cuthbert Pant is currently my dream outfit, so I am now impatiently waiting for the collection to be available.

To buy the current collection visit https://www.hkm.nyc and follow HKM on instagram for more news about the AOGG collection.