The Perfect Reading Chair

This wasn’t a quest I knew I was on, but this is a quest which is now over. I have officially found (and helped customise!) the perfect reading chair. A few months ago I wrote about the customisation process of the armchair I ordered from Interior Define… Well it is now here and it is enormous! Literally the biggest armchair I ever sat on. And believe me I have sat in many chairs. Being the imperial measurements luddite that I am, I of course hadn’t quite grasped the full volume of it, but it only makes me love it even more. Now not only do I own a very beautiful piece of furniture, I also own the most comfortable armchair EVER. I can fully lounge in it, which isn’t always a given when you are a grown woman and not a child.

Rather than making it the centre piece in the living room (the proportions didn’t quite work with my current sofa style),  I chose to place it in a different corner of the apartment, which is now known as “the special chilling corner” or “the reading nook”. I make sure to keep many flowers there at all times and a few good books and then sometimes I’ll even smuggle a cat or two for a very special experience.

Wanna give it a go? My chair is the Caitlin with brass plated legs in Natural Heavy Cloth.