One Decade

2017 marks the tenth year anniversary of – TEN YEARS. It is absolutely bonkers that I stuck with this website for so long. I don’t even want to try and do the math to figure out how many posts, how many words and images I threw out there for you to see. It’s been a long journey, sometimes challenging, often rewarding and definitely a learning curve. Before I started writing this blog, I was working as a journalist and had no desire to ever run my own business. I also knew I had issues with authority and classic office environments. But these thoughts weren’t in my mind when I sat down and bought my domain name. It was more of a spur of the moment thing. I didn’t have a 5 year plan (I still don’t) and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing (I have more of a clue now). I wrote about my adventures in blogging a few months back, in case you haven’t read those posts, I encourage you to do so.

This blog has seen me through child birth, many tough times, 10 years of my life in London and now it’s here with me in my new life in Los Angeles. Through the window of my office (currently a corner of my bedroom), I can see the sun is setting over the mountains as I write these words. Without this blog, I wouldn’t be here in L.A. and I wouldn’t have done half of the insane stuff I did this past decade. So I figured it was time to invest a little more in said blog. After ten years of doing the same thing, it dawned on me that what I was doing wasn’t actually what I wanted to be doing. I love blogging, writing, taking photographs, sharing stuff with you guys and I love (most) of what the online community has brought to my life. But I also feel like I’ve been trying so hard to fit in a box that wasn’t mine to begin with. Somehow along the way, being a blogger became synonymous with posting photos of oneself in outfits and I played along, more or less reluctantly. While I absolutely love looking at other people’s outfits, the reality is that I don’t care that much about my own attire. I am attracted to a certain aesthetic, but I don’t really care to showcase what I do with it on a daily basis. I don’t like having my photo taken, I don’t like posing, I am not so”editorial-darling” and more “can this shoot be over after you take just one frame I am so bored already

Basically, it was time to open the windows and let some fresh air in. I’ve been meaning to change things around here for a while but never found the right way / moment to do it. Until now that is. The blog just got reincarnated as an actual website and the blog is just a part of said website. Much like in my life, blogging is only part of what I do. In the new incarnation of MR, there will be less outfits (that’s what Instagram is for) and more voices. As well as Warren and Loulou, I am going to be inviting other people I love to participate as guest writers, some might even become resident writers like Warren and Loulou. I will be posting about interesting things I come across in the worlds of fashion, lifestyle, interiors, beauty, travel etc alongside some more personal pieces. As for style… The plan is to shine a light on women around me rather than on myself. My portfolio is now hosted on here so I will try and update it regularly with new projects and work. The most exciting part about this new design is the shop! I am still working on it at the moment but it will open soon and will feature various items, from vintage finds to limited edition prints, books and much more… So stay tuned for this.

Oh – I haven’t forgotten you, die hard “Spirit Animal” fans: the podcast will be coming back in February!

ps – we are still in the process of tidying up the website design so pardon the spider webs in some dark corners.