Insta-Friendly Fitness Gear

So you have *curated* the perfect home and fulfilled all your Pinterest dreams? When your friends come over, they Instagram the s**t out of all your expertly laid-out lifestyle vignettes? And then one day, one of them posts a photo of your house and SHOCK HORROR, your garish torture exercise gear is peeping out from under your expertly decorated 1962 Danish credenza. To add insult to injury, they TAG you in the photo. How will you ever live through this?

I have a few solutions for you (none of them include #alternativefacts) : a/ hire a reputation management company and get them to destroy any mention of you on the internet, it is like you basically never existed, you are but a foetus on ICQ; b/ hire a gang of brigands to “take care of your friend” (not recommended); c/ stop exercising and become a shut in; or finally d/ get yourself some sweet looking exercise gear that sends a message about your sophisticated European taste.As you may have guessed, today I am focusing on helping you mostly with the last solution on that list.

While on a mad nocturnal internet quest – the type that begins with a video of a pig and ends up watching people dead-lifting while dressed as blancmanges – I ended up on, face to face with marble dumbbells. And we all know that marble is to Instagram what the word “chicken” is to my dog. If marble ain’t your thing because you were once kidnapped by vampires and kept in a dark mausoleum for months as they fed on your blood, said dumbbells also come in cast iron (phew). They are designed by Alexander Lervik. There is also a kettle bell in the same collection designed by Mattias Stenberg, as well as a wooden hula hoop and a leather training bag.

And while I am on the topic of attractive fitness gear from Scandinavia (pretty niche), let me also tell you about Dapperey, they make some pretty cool foam rollers which will look great in your living room while helping with your daily stretches. Win-win.