Best of LFWM – Christopher Shannon

Christopher Shannon doesn’t do trends, he does his own thing and he’s been successfully doing that for some years now. While trends have come and gone he’s remained true to his own unique aesthetic. Fortunately, like planets aligning, current trends are in complete sync with his aesthetic, so it really is Shannon’s time.
Sportswear and denim have always been staples for Shannon, denim excessively worked and tracksuits emblazoned with larger than life logos are classic items for Shannon. But it wouldn’t be a Christopher Shannon show with out some of the designers trademark sardonic wit. For AW17 it’s the proliferation of designer collaborations that fall foul of Shannon’s razor sharp tongue.
Timberland, Boss and even Calvin Klein logos are re-appropriated for the fashion weary. There’s even a nod to politics with frayed European Union flags used as head pieces. This is Christopher Shannon at his very finest.