The Holy Trinity

You might remember my unabashed joy a few months ago over the SS17 Raf Simons collection which features extensive use of Robert Mapplethorpe images. The trouble with the way fashion works is that once something hits the runway you want to buy it straight away. Some big designers are changing the paradigm and offering runway pieces pretty much instantly and while it’s too soon to tell if this will create a sea change in the way the fashion industry works, some designers are still testing the water. Yep you guessed it Raf is one of those designers. Launching on Dover Street Market this weekend is a one off holiday special Raf t-shirt featuring a Mapplethorpe portrait of my other favourite artist Cindy Sherman. This really is The Holy

Trinity combined into one simple tee. It’s eye-wateringly expensive but definitely an investment piece. That’s what I’ll tell my bank manager anyway.

Available online and in store in London and New York.