Where The Magic Happens

Remember 5 million years ago, when I arrived in Los Angeles and promised I would give you a tour of my apartment? Well this time has now come… Think of this as the 15th episode of my very own series of MTV Cribs. See, what we will remember from the dawn of a new millennium isn’t Y2K but MTV Cribs. If I was still active on my YouTube channel this is probably how I would have showed you my bedroom. Dressed in my noughties finest, walking around my house proudly, pointing at the most important tchotchkes in my life as if they were my very own children. Instead today you get a bunch of photos.

My living space here is larger than my old London apartment, I would say about 30% larger, which means I promptly filled it with a whole lot of crap I have a lot more space to run around in my (English) pants. Because the bed is my happy place, as soon as we moved, I got to work on the bedroom. We started off with a mattress on the floor and not much else while our stuff was crossing the ocean, so it was important to pick the right mattress – one that is extra comfortable even without a base. Enter eve, aka my new best friend. When you order eve, it comes in a box a few days later. Mine was eagerly awaiting my arrival in the apartment, which means I slept like a baby from day one. Since then, I got a mattress base and a few other enhancements, and every guest I’ve given my bed to says they had the best sleep ever. Mini has a little eve of her own too and for the first time ever she sleeps later than 6am. Sure enough when you have a new best friend like eve, you make sure to dress her up nice, so these days eve wears mostly linen (like me) or she luxuriates in full bedding sets by the amazing Kelly Wearstler. The rest of the room is composed of items you already know from my London apartment, like my Danish mid-century desk that travels the world with me… Latest additions are my tassel wall hanging and a giant fiddle leaf fig plant.

Main image: Blanc d’Ivoire cup | | La Jolie Muse Candle