Nixon x Powell-Peralta


2016 has been a pretty terrible year for a load of reasons, but I think looking back I’ll always remember it as the year that I wrote so many posts about skate culture that I ran out of Avril Lavigne themed jokes and puns. That’s the real tragedy of 2016 my friend.
Some good news from Nixon however is that they’ve just launched a capsule collaboration with Powell-Peralta, the skateboard brand founded in 1978 by George Powell and Stacey Peralta. If that name doesn’t ring a bell then let me cut a long story short and tell you that Powell-Peralta worked extensively with legendary skate gang The Bones Brigade which featured arguably the world’s most famous skater Tony Hawk. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Powell-Peralta would create graphics that would become iconic, transcending the confines of skate culture and seeping into popular consciousness.

With current trends seeing skate culture being ruthlessly appropriated by high fashion it seems fair to throw some light on the real, original heroes of the movement as Nixon is doing with this, the first part of two limited edition Powell-Peralta collections. In this drop are three Time Teller styles, all in stainless steel with graphic dials, custom casebacks, collaboration branding and exclusive packaging. Two of the models feature some of the iconic artwork created by Craig Stecyk III, a creative partner to the Powell-Peralta team, an image called ‘Vato Rat‘, while the third model features ‘The Ripper‘ rendered on black stainless steel for maximum impact. No prizes for guessing which one is my favourite.

The collection launches in Nixon stores today and also online at