Tatsu Ramen, Los Angeles


What do you do on a really hot day in Los Angeles? Go to the beach to show off your skimpiest bikini? Nope… Not if you are me. If you are me, you jump in your car and drive down Melrose until you get to La Brea and then you look for Tatsu Ramen, because you have a mid-week craving for a big fat steaming bowl of spicy ramen.

Why do I need to go all the way down Melrose to eat ramen? You clearly haven’t tried the fresh Tonkotsu broth from Tatsu Ramen! It is made fresh everyday right there in the open kitchen in front of you. This time I had the Soul Ramen – their signature dish – and I also tried the Wagyu Ramen Burger and Juicy Pork Bun. The Soul Ramen was hands down one of the best ramen bowls I’ve had in my life! I was pretty full halfway through (the portions are massive, because ‘Murica) but I soldiered on because I am a pig and it was too delicious. Don’t judge me.

Tatsu Ramen is a super casual joint too, so feel free to come as you are, maybe on your way back from the beach or before a night out. The good news is that they also offer gluten-free ramen, if you are that way inclined. This is Los Angeles after all, if you can’t order your dish “something-free”, is it really worth ordering?

Tatsu Ramen

7111 Melrose Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90046

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