Carlson Young

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Photography – Laetitia Wajnapel

When she isn’t studying Creative Writing at USC, Carlson Young is mostly getting covered in fake blood on the set of Scream, the MTV show where she plays high-school queen Brooke Maddox. I met Carlson on a sunny morning in Los Feliz to talk about her style, beauty tips and of course cats!

If I was to describe your style today, I would say preppy, cool school girl vibes. Is this your usual attire?

Yeah, totally!

Do you change based on your mood? How do you decide how to get dressed in the morning?

I never try to go for the school girl style, but I always somehow end up dressed like that. I think it is because I wore a uniform from age 5 to 18 so it sort of imprinted on my mind! I wear a lot of black and white. I am not so into brights.

Do you think your style changed when you moved to L.A.?

Yes, definitely. When I moved here I was 19 and I was still in that high school mood of wearing what your friends are wearing. I have always been attracted towards classic pieces, but sometimes I just want to be trendy, you know! That’s why I like Opening Ceremony, they have great brands there and I always find something I like when I visit.

Name three favourite stores in Los Angeles

Opening Ceremony, Acne, A.P.C.


– I am always on there. ASOS – they have a petite section… Over the course of my life I’ve spent way too much money on alterations because I am so small! Then of course I also like , and all the usual suspects.

Does your character (ndlr – Brooke Maddox in Scream) influence at all the way you dress in your day to day life?

Absolutely not! On the show, Brooke is a suburban high school girl. I don’t know where she shops, but I am not shopping there (laughs)! The costume designer is really awesome and asks my opinion on Brooke’s outfits, I get a say in what she wears. It is really cool to see how things translate on screen. I wouldn’t wear anything Brooke wears in the show, but I love how it makes her look on screen.

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What’s your beauty regime?

I need my sunscreen, I am a pale, pale flower! I burn so easily and I am really afraid of the sun. It is a new thing though, when I was growing up I was always pretty tanned, but not anymore. I always also need mascara… and eyeliner… and brows… and concealer… and everything!!! I love make-up!

What’s the craziest make-up style you’ve ever tried?

Well… Most people’s adventurous make-up routine is my everyday! I just like to make my eyes look like a raccoon’s, the smokier the better.

A good smokey eye is the one thing I’ve never mastered, are you really good at it?

I got you girl! I was the girl growing up who would do all my friends’ make-up. I love doing make-up.

What do you never leave the house without, make-up wise?

My . It is the best concealer on the planet. I think even if you look horribly tired, it makes you look amazing. I also use their .

What’s your skincare routine in the evening?

I do Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, a little bit of moisturiser. I also LOVE Coconut Oil.

What about your hair, what do you use?


Are you a natural blonde?

I had white hair until I was about 12, then it turned mousey. So now I get it highlighted every 4 months or so. I have a great girl here in L.A. who makes maintenance really minimal and it just grows to an ombré style. My hair has been growing like a weed since I stopped colouring it because it is so much healthier.

Do you have a favourite nail salon? Or do you do your nails at home?

I just go to the little hole in the wall near my apartment, in DTLA… They do a great job. I am a nail biter, so I have to have my nails done all the time.

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When did you get your first cat?

I got my cat Frances when he was a little kitten. I was 19. I’d been here for about a year and I decided to treat myself to a little buddy, so I got Frances. I found him on Craigslist. He was in Bakersville, CA so I drove over there, looked at him and he was so precious I snagged him right away.

Then we had a little addition to the cat family a couple of months ago. While we were shooting in New Orleans, I woke up one morning and I got a cat! She was with me in NOLA while I was shooting for three weeks, then my fiancé took her back home. Her name is Arwen and she is an elf princess. She is a dream, she is so sweet.

Are you going to get another one?

I would, but I can’t.

I swear I will end up with 55 cats if I stay in L.A. for a while!

In high school, my senior prediction was that I was going to become a crazy cat lady. I swear, it is even in the yearbook!!

Did you have pets growing up? Did you already have a cat obsession?

No, my parents hate cats… I’ve always loved cats though. My high school sweetheart bought me a really cute white cat. My mum wouldn’t let me keep him. His name was Christopher, he was so cute.

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Carlson wears: Opening Ceremony outfit.