Wood Wood AW16


 Whether you’re talking about furniture or fashion we’re all familiar with Scandinavia’s unique take on design. Marrying minimalism with functionality is no easy feat, unless you’re Scandinavian that is. For Wood Wood this has always been second nature. While espousing all the things about Scandi design that we love the label has always differentiated itself from its contemporaries by allowing for idiosyncrasies to shape the designs. There’s a sense of humour here and that’s something often lacking in the world of fashion.

The brand has been on my radar for some time now, but recent forays into the world of denim and underwear coupled with some heavyweight collaborations have forced me to really sit up and take notice. The AW16 collection is inspired by Ray Kurzweil, Marshall McLuhan and Douglas Coupland. I’m a huge Douglas Coupland fan so I was thrilled to see some pieces from the collection which feature an appliqué of what looks like a piece of paper, ripped in half, featuring Coupland’s famous quote “I miss my pre-internet brain”. In the same collection is one of the finest leather jackets of the season (a brown bomber, just the right side of 70’s), a killer boilersuit and some serious Daft Punk inspired knitwear. Eclectic? sure. Awesome? definitely.

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