One of the delights of living in the U.S of A. is that I am now able to have access to the full spectrum of Glossier… I’ve been a pretty hardcore user of their balm dotcom ever since it was made available to us mere European mortals via Net-à-Porter and I couldn’t wait to sample the whole range.

As pathetic as it sounds, in between applying for a social security number, setting up gas and electricity and learning to drive, I frantically visited the Glossier website and selected a handful of products to use in my new life. Obviously, the packaging is delightful – you knew that already. The products also make me very happy indeed. Especially since the beauty landscape here is very different from the European one. You see, here in the US, they don’t ban as many chemicals and nasties as we do and so buying skincare and makeup can become quite a daunting task.

With Glossier, I am satisfied knowing their formulas are simple and healthy and their makeup philosophy is close to mine… And to the Parisian way of handling skincare and makeup: the simpler and more natural, the better. I can’t wait to try their foundations once my beloved Perricone MD no foundation foundation runs out!