Christy Dawn in Palm Springs

DSC03804 (Priime Longhorn)

Feels like the last time I shot an outfit post was circa 1845. We were all so much younger then… But hey, what can you do, sometimes life gets in the way of vanity and I simply don’t have time to shoot. Also, I’ve been living out of a suitcase since June 27th and believe me, you don’t want to see most of the stuff I’ve been wearing. A friend told me the other day I should make it into a challenge… And perhaps I will.

For now, I will show you a little post-move treat to myself from one of my favourite Los Angeles based designers, Christy Dawn. This is her brand new Margot Two-Piece and I adore it. It is definitely a gazillion miles out of my comfort zone, but here, in Palm Springs, I felt extra glamorous, especially while surrounded by a gaggle of handsome, sophisticated men. I will tell you more on this very shortly, but I was staying at The Kirk Douglas House with my friend Allan from Bungalow5 as well as other equally charming friends of his (hi guys!).

DSC03807 (Priime Longhorn) DSC03808 (Priime Longhorn)