Ten Things I Discovered During My First Week In L.A.


Clearly, since I have been really quiet about it on every single social media network known to man, you may not know that I have now moved to Los Angeles. I kid, I kid… I think I have bored you enough with all my “big international move this, big international move that“. The good news is: now I have moved. The bad news is: I am still going to bore you with it because it may come in handy for some of you (and also I flippin’ love it here). I am actually planning on writing a series of posts about big international moves, as after a year spent preparing mine, I have become a machine. For now, I will give you ten things I discovered during my first week here in L.A.

i don’t like kombucha

On our first Saturday here, we decided to head to the newly opened 365 Wholefoods in Silverlake to fill our sad empty fridge. There is a little ByChloé café in there and we grabbed some lunch before our grocery run. I saw a bottle of kombucha on the shelf, grabbed it and felt really smug, like only someone who just moved to California would. Then I sat down, poured myself a glass and had a big gulp. Surprisingly enough, fizzy tea that comes from a mushroom with an added dose of apple is actually as disgusting as it sounds. It may be good for my gut, but I think I will stick to eating my greens, thank you very much.

people are so friendly

I mean seriously – how refreshing it is to be surrounded by friendly, smiling faces! It may be only superficial, but I don’t care. I am not looking to become best buddies with everyone, but a smile and a hello from a neighbour, or a “welcome to the neighbourhood” from a nice old lady in the street does give you a more positive outlook on the day ahead. On our first day here, a lovely lady called Shirley stopped Mini and me in the street to take our photo with my phone because she decided we were “too adorable for words“. Then the man at the gas and water office told us to come back anytime for tips on what to do around the city. Everyone so far has been above and beyond the call of duty.

waking up at 6am is alright 

I am not really a morning person, or at least I didn’t think I was until I moved to California. When the sun is out at 6am, I actually don’t mind waking up and starting my day. I love my bed (and I have a lovely eve mattress here – more on this later) but I don’t mind leaving it anymore because the heat and light outside are very enticing. And if this means I go to bed earlier, I don’t mind!

cats also suffer from jetlag

We picked Brak up from LAX on Friday and once he got over the slight disorientation due to 11h on a plane followed by an hour in the car and a new house to sniff around in, he got hit right in the face with jetlag. Right now he is sleeping next to me, totally passed out in a ray of sunlight. He loves it here, but that said he doesn’t like kombucha either.

having a pool makes exercising 75% easier

You know by now that all my attempts at a vaguely regular fitness regime have been thwarted by my lack of inner #fitspogoals. Swimming is the only sport I enjoy doing on the reg, but in London it was a faf and a half and so I promptly stopped. However, there is now a pool in my apartment complex, so I can just idle down every morning for a few lengths before starting the work day. Bonus point: on Sunday Fun day, friends want to come to my house.

target is everything

As I type this, all my possessions are on a ship somewhere between London and the Panama canal. This means our flat (sorry, apartment) is pretty minimalistic. Think mattress on the floor (but an eve mattress, so we still sleep amazingly well!), picnics on the balcony at meal times etc. Thank god for Target, as so far I’ve been dashing there almost daily to grab the bits and pieces I’m missing. Mini’s room was my first priority, and although her mattress is also on the floor right now, her room is taking shape nicely. Just today I found the most amazing banana leaf print comforter for $25. Beverly Hills Hotel chic!

diner coffee is worth a thousand artisan brews

In other words, bottomless coffee is my jam. Especially iced bottomless coffee. Sure, I like treating myself to some special brew expertly crafted by a bearded barista just so, but man I love diner coffee. We even ordered a crappy cup of joe machine for the apartment to recreate the joys of diner coffee at home.

yoga is an attractive proposition

I’ve been doing yoga and pilates at home for years (on and off) but until about two months ago I’d never been to a class. I don’t usually like classes but this one was small and it made me want to give it a go again. Pretty sure I am in the right place for this… However, I may need to try a few places before I find the right yoga formula for me. It needs to be unpretentious, not too scene-y and also not too competitive. If you know anywhere that fits the description in Silver Lake or Los Feliz, leave a comment below please!

learning to drive is essential

After a week here, I already miss a strong public transport system, BUT I do enjoy the car culture as well. So I am going to learn to drive at the ripe old age of 37, wish me luck.

life feels a lot like a holiday

I am writing this on my balcony, overlooking the pool. A coconut candle burning in a lantern in front of me. It is 9:45pm but it is still warm outside and I can smell jasmine wafting through. Feels a lot like a holiday… I have a few meetings scheduled in August, mostly to meet PR peeps in town and getting to know my new work landscape, but I don’t see how life here is ever going to feel like real life. Permanent holiday is an attractive proposition, but will I be able to work as hard as I did in London?

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