Not Another Bill

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Picture this: you’ve had a pretty crappy, post-Brexit day, the tube wasn’t working, you lost your favourite earrings, invoices are late to be paid, you open the newspaper and the world is even more of a disaster today than it was yesterday. You get home to 5 different bills to pay and the dog pooped on the carpet. You start crying but you ran out of tissues and you have to blow your nose in the sleeve of your top. You catch your face in the mirror, all red and puffy and you have snot on your sleeve. Then you remember your top is a silk top and it is now permanently snot-stained. Cool stuff.

Now picture the same day, but maybe don’t read the news to keep your anxiety levels lower, imagine the dog didn’t poop on the carpet because you don’t actually have a dog and replace the 5 bills in the post by Not Another Bill (see what I did there? no? OK). The day is getting a little better, isn’t it? Not Another Bill is a subscription service: you swap £28/$36 to £32/$40 of your hard earned money for a deliciously well-curated parcel of joy containing presents for your home, your desk, yourself or a friend. You see you can subscribe for a friend as well, and they will get a monthly reminder of how much you care for them. That would be a pretty good way to woo a potential lover too. You get to shower them with gifts without actually making too much effort: win-win. But enough about you, let’s get back to me: I want the gifts all to myself because I am a monster and also because I am moving house and I need to fill my nest with things. All the things. Those Instagram flat lays aren’t going to curate themselves now, are they?

Wait, it is about to get better… The talented people at N.A.B. have been so successful with their gift subscription services that they decided to start their own range of travel accessories, simply called Bill. Let’s rehearse this: you receive a bill, you cry. However, if you receive a Bill, you cry with joy! What a difference capitalisation makes… I received my first Bill a few weeks back and I haven’t stopped using it since. It is a super cool glasses pouch, made from the softest leather, in burgundy and forest green (nice and unisex, y’all). As a special touch, the hardware on it is rose gold which is the metal equivalent of Parisian chic. Trust me.

If you are of the grumpy kind and decided you don’t want a subscription and don’t want beautiful travel accessories, that’s cool too: N.A.B. also has a shop where you can order objects and things the “regular” way. If that’s your vibe, I respect it, but I will be sitting here in the corner, silently judging you for your life choices. If you joined the cool kids subscription club a little too late and missed a past present, you can also order it in the shop – that’s redemption for ya.

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This post contains gifted items.