Vans x Nintendo


In case you don’t know Mademoiselle Robot and I actually met when we worked in the video games industry, so we’re both massive gaming nerds. Having said that I don’t recommend playing any games with her because she is a terrible, terrible loser. I don’t have a huge amount of time for gaming anymore, not as much as I used to anyway. That doesn’t mean that I’m not still a massive Nintendo fanboy. As games get more and more advanced I find myself increasingly drawn to the 8-bit games of my childhood.
Vans have just launched a huge collection of shoes and apparel in collaboration with Nintendo, specifically the NES. In true Vans style there’s a huge range of shoes and Nintendo characters on offer. Classic games and characters appear all over iconic Vans styles: Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Mario and even those nasty Goombas. With custom prints and really nice details (the end of the laces looks like a NES controller) this might be Vans best collaboration yet.

FA16-NintendoApparel_MnNintendoSsTee_White_Fold-ELEVATED FA16_W_Classics_SlipOn_NintendoZeldaBlk_Detail1-ELEVATED FA16_Nintendo_M_ClassicSlipOn_SuperMarioBrosMulti_Pair1-ELEVATED FA16_M_Classics_SlipOn_NintendoSuperMarioBrosMulti_Detail1-ELEVATED FA16_M_Classics_Sk8HiSlim_Nintendo_ConsoleGold_Pair-ELEVATED FA16-GA597_WmMarioOverFleece_Blk_Back-ELEVATED