Ushvani Spa, London


Imagine being in London in June, running away from a rain shower and seeking shelter under a doorway in Cadogan Gardens… Now imagine the door opening to reveal a wood panelled foyer, the sweet scent of roses and a calming atmosphere. Seems like you just stepped in a parallel universe, but in reality you just discovered Ushvani, one of London’s most exclusive spas.

Ushvani’s philosophy is based on ancient Asian culture and focuses on both spiritual harmony and natural treatments. This isn’t just about a lovely pampering session, it goes so much further, making sure you leave the place with a refreshed mind, body and spirit. All treatments at Ushvani incorporate natural herbs, spices and flowers just like in Asian therapies, where only the purest botanicals are used to cure ailments.

Each treatment at Ushvani lasts 90 to 120mn, to which you can add enhancements such as scrubs, wraps etc. I chose to have a mix of Balinese and Malay massage as I was suffering from pretty acute anxiety when I went there and needed help relieving tension in my back. I’ve had many massages since I started this blog, but this was by far the absolute best. Firstly because my therapist was extremely attentive and knowledgeable (she is a trained physiotherapist) but also because the atmosphere of the treatment room is just right and the quality of the products so high.

There are some extra facilities in the spa too so make sure you arrive in plenty of time to make good use of them, and do check out their bright and beautiful yoga studio too!

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1 Cadogan Gardens, London SW3 2RJ

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Ushvani Spa, London
Mademoiselle Robot was a guest at Ushvani spa.