Time For A New Watch

hamilton and rado watch

Like anyone who grew up in the pre-mobile phone era (this is a thing), if I wanted to know the time, I had to wear a watch. Or be prepared to stop people in the street on the reg and demand to know the time. As a perennial shy child, this wasn’t an option. So I wore watches. At the time, it was mostly fun Swatch watches (including the POP!). The women in my family had fancy watches, which to me seemed like the height of glamour. To be honest, it still does!
I have a funny relationship with watches these days… I admire the object and the craftsmanship that goes into making a timepiece, but I can’t really bring myself to wear one. I own a couple of really nice watches, yet I only ever wear my Apple watch, or just slip my phone in my pocket. This is a sad state of affairs for the watches in my life.
Then recently I realised I feel about a nice watch the way I feel about black tie dressing: I admire it but I don’t really want to wear it all the time. So I play dress up. And this is just what I do now with watches. If I was a little more glamourous, if I was a little fancier and if I had a collection of watches to hand, I would wear them all for different occasions…


rado hyperchrome match point

as an anniversary gift for your boyfriend

Time For A New Watch
Time For A New Watch

for sunday funday with friends

rado true open heart

on a photography job

Time For A New Watch

Time For A New Watch

hamilton khaki navy pioneer

for trips abroad


Watches in this post on loan from Hamilton & Rado.