Current Tech Essentials

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It’s been a while since I last wrote about the tech essentials that make my blogging life easier. And when I say my blogging life I mean my life. Because although I try to tell people I use the iPad Pro for illustrations, collages and photo editing, I use it just as much for intense Netflix sessions in bed, mid-afternoon solo dance parties and various addictive games that are so much better on the giant screen than on my iPhone.

The Apple Watch is an addition to my tech collection that took a while to grow on me. At first, I resisted the idea of wearing something that would constantly remind me that my inbox was screaming for attention. Then I gave it a try for a few weeks without paying too much attention to the settings and I felt as if I was never quite disconnecting from work, which is an issue for me in general, but became even more so with the watch. So it lived in a drawer for a few weeks. And then, finally one day I decided to give it another go. This time I made sure to tweak all the settings just so, so that it would serve me rather than enslave me. Now it is like a really smart PA constantly on my wrist. It reminds me of the important things, shows me my schedule for the day, maps out directions to my meetings and notifies me only when urgent mail comes through. I love using it to pay on the tube or for my morning coffee and it is a great companion for the iPhone 6s plus which can then stay in my bag while I am out and about.

Speaking of being out and about, I recently tried out the Sudio VASA earphones and I really dig them. They sit really nicely in my ears and the sound quality is pretty decent as well for mid-range earphones. They block out a lot of outside noises too, which I really enjoy while on the go. They are great for plane travel for example. What I love most about them is their tidy little pouch. I never have to curse the Minute Men for tangling my earphones over night.

For photography, I treated myself and upgraded to a Sony a7 full-frame camera which I LOVE. I will write more about the camera in a while, but seriously it is a major game changer. I am also really enjoying my little Instax Mini at the minute, I guess moving is making me extra sentimental and I am collecting London mementos from time spent with friends and family.

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