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Monte Carlo, Monaco Visual Diary

Monaco Monte Carlo

I already told you quite a bit about my stay in Monaco in my review of the Fairmont, but there were a few more images I wanted to share with you, that sum up my stay there. I guess I could sum it up by saying I felt constantly scruffy while in Monaco. I never feel particularly glossy, mind you, that’s not really my vibe. But everything there is a little shinier and glossier than usual. I didn’t spot a single supermarket while I was there, but I did see a Chanel boutique. There are women sporting bandage dresses and Louboutin shoes at 8am and I think the most “normal” car I saw there was a Porsche 911 (aka my dream car). Mind you, I was there just before the Historical Grand Prix, which means all the muscle cars old and new were out to play. Don’t even get me started about the yachts… Have a look and enjoy!

Monaco Monte Carlo

Monaco Monte CarloMonaco Monte CarloMonaco Monte CarloMonaco Monte CarloMonaco Monte CarloMonaco Monte Carlo

Monaco Monte Carlo


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