Mastering Your Habits With Kristina Karlsson



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Recently, I have been doing some thinking about my daily routine and habits. I have some constants in my life, such as school runs, meals and the everyday stuff, but mostly my time is quite unstructured. It comes from running my own business and working from home. I work 9 to 5 (or around the clock, depending on how you see it) but no two days are really the same and I travel a lot so I find it hard to stick to a routine. I don’t really know if there is order in my chaos or chaos in my order. I also got thinking about habits as I think they go hand in hand with a form of routine. 

I am really fast at letting go of bad habits but I generally cannot for the life of me stick to good habits. I decided to investigate the world of habits further with the help of  Kristina Karlsson, founder and creative director of kikki-K. She recently designed a brand new Habits Journal to encourage people to analyse their behaviour, track their habits and form new ones. As I am about to embark on my own #HabitsChallenge, I wanted to chat to Kristina about her own approach to habits and how she includes them in her life in a sustainable way.

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