Fairmont Monte Carlo, Monaco

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

Growing up in France, I used to spend all my summers on the French Riviera, often in Cannes. I remember warm days on the beach, or lazing about in a paddling pool on the terrace of our rental. I also remember my beautiful mum getting ready in the evening before driving for a dinner with friends in Monte Carlo. As I was falling asleep in my little bed, or watching TV with my grandparents, I would picture her and her glamourous friends eating and drinking wine, laughing as the sun sets over the Mediterranean.
She took me there, too, a couple times as a little girl. This was back in the days when Stéphanie de Monaco was a pop sensation. Before I headed back to Monte Carlo again the past weekend, what was left from these childhood experiences were fleeting memories of warmth and flamboyance.

Returning to Monte Carlo as a 37 year old woman, landing at the heliport with my best friend, I found myself reliving my mum’s experiences. What a wonderful thing it is to walk in your mother’s footsteps! As we were walking around, I stopped in front of the casino to take a photo and send it to her on whatsapp, then when I got back to my room at the Fairmont, I sent her photographs of my magnificent sea view “Are you on a ship?” she asked… “Non maman, I am in my room, isn’t it the coolest?” (and this was even before I mentioned the personalised Le Labo toiletries, but more on this in another post).

Life at the Fairmont perfectly sums up life in Monte Carlo, I found. The nautical theme in the rooms echoes the sea view… Unless you prefer to enjoy the Grand Prix from one of the suites with a unique view of the famous hairpin turn (I hear George Lucas called dibs on that one). You could stay in the hotel for days at a time without ever having to leave: food options are plentiful, from authentic bistrot fare at Saphir 24, to modern French cuisine at Horizon or haute Japanese delicacies at Nobu. Then there is also Nikki Beach, where you can enjoy a few cocktails and a healthy salad by the pool. When was the last time you drank a red fruit mojito while observing three different countries?

Step outside of the hotel and walk a bit and you get to the heart of the action on the Place du Casino… Or a little further away you can have a drink while daydreaming about owning a yacht (new #lifegoals). If that’s your plan, don’t forget to stop by the beautiful “Hexagrace” by contemporary artist Victor Vasarely, a giant mosaic piece overlooking the sea.

If you find yourself with a free weekend this Summer, grab your best friend and jump on a flight to Nice – make sure you treat yourselves to the helicopter ride between Nice and Monte Carlo too, it is pure joy.

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What happens in Monte Carlo stays in Monte Carlo…

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Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of the Fairmont Monte Carlo