You’re probably painfully aware of my obsession with Raf Simons by now, especially his Adidas trainers. I bore myself sometimes, but I’m nothing if not obsessive. You might not be so aware of my relatively new obsession with badges. Not ordinary badges (obviously) but really, really obscure, niche badges. A chance encounter on instagram has led me into a nice community of people who are making some really excellent accessories. It started off with me buying some badges based on horror movies, the kind of cult movies that practically no-one has seen. As any good snob knows, showing off your obscure tastes is the best way to let other people know you’re better than they are. I mean who doesn’t enjoy that?


Once I infiltrated the badge community I discovered niche badges from all walks of life, not just underground cinema. One of the best discoveries I made was a company called Pintrill who make badges based on some of the most sought after trainers made in the last few years. Amongst the badges are trainers by Rick Owens, Comme Des Garçons X Converse, Kris Van Assche and of course my precious Raf. So if you love these trainers but don’t own a pair you can now just wear the badge instead. They’re a hell of a lot cheaper than the shoes too. Frugal and stylish. The other cool thing is that owning these badges will allow you to wear more than one pair of shoes at a time. Dreams really do come true. Check out the site because they have lots more awesome badges if ridiculous trainers aren’t your bag.