Dancing Around Europe


In collaboration with Anthropologie


If my life was a TV show, in the current season the top-billed cast would be shoes and travel. I would like to push this metaphor further, and I am – sadly – confident that I can, but I feel that perhaps it would make you slowly walk away from the computer, or drop your mobile in the middle of the street before running away.

What is true about the previous statement is that I have been travelling an awful lot in March, because I want to see as much of Europe as I can before I leave but mostly because I had itchy feet and needed to get out of London often. And so my little dance around Europe started… I visited six different countries in March (they aren’t all featured here) and discovered so many new things, met cool people and even tried out new dance moves!

The way I like to discover new places is by walking around. A lot. I generally plan my trips around food places and then just walk from restaurant to restaurant. This means I need shoes that are both comfortable and super stylish, to take me from my walking adventures to some upmarket restaurants.

I partnered with Anthropologie for four of my destinations last month as their new shoe collection features lots of exclusive designs by some of my favourite labels, all of them super versatile and ready for any occasion.

My picks include two pairs of pointy flats by fun British brand Cleo B. (who used to be my studio neighbours!) – these were super useful in Amsterdam and Paris where I needed shoes that were practical and stylish. I wore my Naguisa espadrilles on the cobbled streets of Cascais and they are the most comfortable shoes I own (it feels like there is a layer of memory foam in the sole). Last but not least, my Sol Sana sandals (another favourite label) were great to prance around in Marbella – the heel height is perfect!

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#ootd: Lisbon Patchwork Flats by Cleo B


Dancing Around Europe


Dancing Around Europe



#ootd: Wyatt Suede Sandals by Sol Sana





#ootd: Hacienda Espadrilles by Naguisa


Dancing Around Europe

Dancing Around Europe


#ootd: Majorelle Flats by Cleo B.