Spring Staples with M.STUDIO


I don’t know if you’ve been outside recently but it is finally time to start thinking about a spring wardrobe. I’ve always felt that Spring/Summer is a difficult season for menswear, especially in the UK. Design wise there’s only so much that can be done with shorts, vests and all the rest. With so little sunshine even in the Summer months men are often reticent to spend any money on shorts or other summer essentials; which certainly doesn’t help. Also absolutely everyone decides to get married in Summer so you’ve most likely already been invited to a wedding where you’re expected to look smart in the blistering heat. Thanks for that.

is a new brand exclusive to Menlook which is designed in the heart of Paris. The brand has absolutely nailed the smart/formal side of summer clothes, offering a chic, casual take on everything from tailoring to more relaxed pieces. The tired old notion of ‘Parisian Chic‘ might be the most overused fashion cliché of all time, but every now and again a collection really does exemplify this notion of Parisian style. This is one such instance.

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