Ownership & Freedom (With Beavers)


This week’s Spirit Animal is the Beaver. When I told that to my friend on the phone earlier, I was met with a “oo-er, missus” type answer. Yeah, you can’t really say the word “beaver” to an American without some amount of sniggering. And I get it, I snigger too. Sometimes for less than that. So today we are talking about the industrious beaver.

Beavers used to be called “Sacred Centre” of the land by American Indians because they create such rich, watery habitat for other animals. Beaver damming also provides essential natural services for people. Through their hard work damming streams in shallow valleys, they create wetlands that sponge up floodwaters, alleviate droughts and floods, lessen erosion and purify the water. Basically beavers are brilliant.

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