Boneyard, London



168-175 Shoreditch High St
London E1 6J


London is a pretty big place, and as you know I’ve been living in Notting Hill for the past 5 years now, so I tend to eat and drink near my house (makes it easier to roll home afterwards). I used to live off Mare Street when I first moved to London 12 years ago and applied the same rules to my life then: I would mostly eat and drink near my house, then roll home. The time in between, I was in Bloomsbury, and from there I could go anywhere and then just roll home, which was excellent. What I am trying to say is: there are brilliant eateries everywhere in London, but I am mostly lazy and prefer to stay local. Unless someone promises a giant burger on a Friday night, that is. While there are plenty great burger joints near me (hello Electric Diner, Honest, Lucky 7 and Byron), all of them are very much in a diner style. When you have a hankering for unique smokehouse vibes, they don’t fit the bill. I don’t often have smokehouse cravings, to be honest. But if I do, I know I can jump in the car and drive for 30mn (OK, 45mn) to Pump Shoreditch aka street food central, order a big fat burger from Boneyard and be done with it.

I visited Boneyard for the first time just before Christmas, to sample their Christmas burger (which wasn’t all that) and the rest of the menu (which was pretty damn good). I was there super early as I took Mini, so the atmosphere wasn’t the usual buzzy one, but the decor has a definite hip smokehouse vibe, with just the right amount of copper and vintage bits and bobs to make it instagram-worthy. Because let’s face it, if you own a vaguely gimmicky restaurant these days you have to play the insta-game if you want fame.

Since this is a burger-joint, I am not going to write an essay about it, but I will say this: Boneyard will be your saviour after you busted some moves in a nearby club, or if you are looking for a quick bite before a night out. It isn’t the best burger in London, but it is also far from being the worst and it will definitely do the job next time you are out and about in Shoreditch.

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Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of Boneyard Shoreditch