Zelle Studio


Photography – Laetitia Wajnapel
Model – Yasmeen Mohamed

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about evolving and adapting my personal style, not only to my life but also to my age, location and job. As you may have noticed, I don’t appear on here as much anymore… This is because I am much more in my element on the other side of the camera. My “creative vision” and the dreamland in which I like to exist need to be brought to life by me, but don’t need to include me as a subject. I much prefer being the anonymous presence behind the camera, shining light on others and introducing you to the beautiful humans around me. You already know Yaz, the lovely lady who started assisting me back  in January. Yaz loves music, dancing and is trained in musical theatre. It has been wonderful having her by my side and being able to create scenes with her. </life update>.

When I met up with Yvonne, founder of Zelle Studio, it became obvious I needed to do something involving her creations, something involving movement to best showcase the shapes of the pieces I picked. In the end, I styled the  with a Zara dress and Céline glove shoes. The whole “long tunic over weirdly shaped trousers and ugly shoes” is something I wear a lot at the moment (when I can be bothered to wear something other than jeans) and I wanted to share it with you on here. The clothes featured are all mine, apart from the trousers and borrowed from Zelle Studio for this shoot.

DSC01439 DSC01470