How To Get What You Want


For this week’s episode we aren’t going too far from our own backyard. No far away lands and exotic animals. This week, our Spirit Guide is the squirrel, teaching us how to make things happen and get what we want.  Squirrels are the ultimate go-getters. They don’t just wait by the bin for you to throw your food away. They get down from their trees they take a chance and fraternise with different species. 

Life is challenging, life is hard, life is full of surprises. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get the things you want or you can’t fulfil your dreams. No matter where you are, who you are, no matter what your means are, if you work hard enough, if you are driven enough, if you really deeply want something, you will get off your ass, you will work and you will fulfil those dreams, you will reach those goals and just like a squirrel you will get that frigging nut.

Are you going to fight for your nut? What do you want from life? What are the goals you always wanted to reach but didn’t dare try?

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