Ever Us


Art Direction & Photography
Laetitia Wajnapel

In Collaboration with
Ever Us

I remember many moons ago, a Belgian journalist shadowed me for a day in order to put together a feature about me for a fashion magazine. After asking about various aspects of my life, she paused and said to me: “You use the word ‘love’ a lot – it is rare to hear someone who ‘loves’ so much in their daily life.” I walked home that day and what she said stayed with me a while and I started wondering whether I did indeed “love” a lot in my day to day life or if I was just a rather intense interviewee on that day.

To steal Sammy Cahn’s lyrics, “I fall in love too easily, I fall in love too fast” – when Warren and I were both still single, we used to joke that we could fall in love in 30 seconds tops. I fell in love with my husband in an afternoon. Sure, we’d known each other for a few months, but until one fateful afternoon I never considered him as a romantic interest. He was just a pal, someone I enjoyed talking to. And then one day in September, a decade ago, we met up for a coffee in Notting Hill. Coffee turned into a walk, which took us into Soho, a walk turned into drinks, drinks turned into more drinks, more walking and finally a kiss that I wasn’t expecting, although I felt at the time as if I’d been waiting for that particular kiss my entire life. Being in love is an amazing thing. Being surprised by love is even more amazing. And after ten years together I can tell you that being in love with my best friend is everything I could ever wish for.

I think a lot about our marriage, why it works, how we still enjoy each other’s company every day – I think it all stems from one thing: he is my best friend, my partner, my lover and my husband – all in one. To me this is what sums up the concept of “one true love” the best. Every love story is different, some people experience love at first sight while for others, a friendship deepens and deepens until it turns into something else entirely. But however couples were formed, it is a perfect balance of love and friendship that binds them together.

This is why I partnered with Ever Us for this post celebrating love and friendship as Valentine’s Day looms closer. Ever Us was created to celebrate timeless love stories. The iconic design of the Ever Us ring features two diamonds of equal size, side-by-side and touching. They’re the “Us” in Ever Us and they symbolize the fact that you’re each other’s Best Friend and True Love. So if you are looking for the perfect gift for your one true love for Valentine’s Day or just because, this may well be The One…

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