The Art of Dating


In this week’s episode, we will be looking at the dating world and how to navigate your sea of crushes, with a bit of help from the most romantic beast in the animal kingdom: the bird of paradise.

I have many extremely attractive, smart and talented single girlfriends, and yet, through the years, I have listened to so many tales of terrible dates, shitty courtship and bad one night stand etiquette. At the risk of sounding like a relic, the dating culture is so different now. So many apps and sites, from Tinder to Grinder, Happen to, OK Cupid and Guardian Soulmates, it is like a bar crawl of possibilities out there. How do you even choose? Do you even have the ability to meet someone serendipitously in a bar? At a gig? In your building? The dating pool has never been bigger and this seems to be causing some serious issues.

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Image via National Geographic, painted by me using the iPad Pro + Apple Pencil